How We Can Help...

Midori is all about helping business be a force for good in the world.  We do this by helping you to:

Understand the impacts of your business

How do you know what effect your business has on the wider world?  What good is it doing?  What harm is it doing?   To help you find out, we can map your stakeholders and, where appropriate, consult them, on how they experience your business. 

Who are your stakeholders?  Usually we consider customers, staff, suppliers, the community, the environment and investors, but there could be other groups too. What positive impacts does your business create (are you a flexible employer which helps working mums for example?) And where do you cause negative impacts? (Do you create a lot of waste?  How ethical is your supply chain?).

To monitor and measure your impacts we like to use the B Impact Assessment (BIA) - a fantastic and comprehensive tool from the team behind B Corps which helps turn the idea of using business as a force for good into a series of concrete, measurable, actionable steps. The BIA assesses your company’s social and environmental performance on a 200 point scale, compares your results to thousands of businesses and gives clear recommendations for where you can make improvements.

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Define or discover your organisation’s purpose and embed this within “business as usual”

If your organisation hasn’t been built around a specific purpose, it will take time to reveal and articulate what its purpose is. Using workshops and one to one sessions we discover what drives the leadership, what energises the workforce and why staff join (and stay with) the company? We look at the past and the current situation - what has historically made the business successful and distinctive, and what does it stand for now?  In addition, we look at wider stakeholder groups and ask how your organisation relates to them.


A purpose needs to come off the page and into the day to day reality of the organisation.  We will work with you to ensure that it is a living statement that people in your organisation will be held accountable to. We look at all aspects of a business and ask how they support and deliver the core purpose, from the organisational values to the metrics and goals which measure success

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Do good things!

This is where research, thought and planning turn to action!  What are you going to do to demonstrate that your business is a force for good?  Whether it be implementing initiatives to make your business more environmentally sustainable; getting more involved with the local community (perhaps working with schools, social enterprises, or charities); doing more for your staff to make them feel happy and valued at work; working with your supply chain to maximise the good that each link in the chain can do….the possibilities are enormous. 

We can help you to assess what your business wants to achieve in a particular area (environment, community, people, governance, suppliers) and to prioritise where to focus your efforts.

We can then help you to design interventions and projects that will have positive effects – on your people, on your customers, on your reputation, on your brand, on your effectiveness and – ultimately – on your bottom line. 

And we can design metrics that allow you to monitor and measure what you are doing and the effect it is having. 


B Corps are for-profit businesses that are certified as achieving a high level of social and/or environmental outcomes.   If traditional business is about maximising shareholder return, B Corps are about operating to create value for workers, community, the environment AND shareholders.  To that end, B Corps must change their Company Articles to treat the interests of all stakeholders equally.

The B Corp movement began in the USA and has now spread to 60 countries with over 2,000 certified B Corps across 33 industries.  Household names such as Ben and Jerry’s, Etsy, Patagonia, Cook Foods and Ella’s Kitchen are all certified B Corps.

Since launching in late 2015 in the UK, there has been growing interest in the B Corp movement with hundreds of companies registering to take the B Impact Assessment, and a steady number going on to complete the full B Corp certification process.  

Midori’s Kate Chapman has been working with B Lab UK (the non-profit behind B Corps) to help introduce the B Corp tools and approach across the UK.  Kate is a trained B Leader – able to help organisations complete the B Impact Assessment which “measures what matters” across key areas of social and environmental performance, as well as looking into governance and worker wellbeing.  Kate can help you to complete the B Impact Assessment and to navigate the process of becoming a certified B Corp.

To learn more about B Corps, visit their website: