Imagine a world where every single business existed to do something positive for all its stakeholders…

Midori Consulting helps organisations to be a force for good.

How do we do this?  Through measuring impact, consulting stakeholders, coaching staff from CEO to shop floor, asking the right questions,  focussing on relationships, thinking about people rather than "resources", benchmarking against best practice, designing interventions, taking you through a certification process, connecting you to other purpose driven organisations, taking a few risks......

Why do we do this?

Because the current way of doing business just doesn't seem to be working any more - at least, not for many people and certainly not for the health of the environment.   But business is in a unique position to make a huge difference and help to resolve some of the problems that it helped to create

What if all businesses put purpose ahead of profit? 

All businesses need to make money in order for them to survive – and merely breaking even won’t help a business to thrive, to innovate, to develop its people.  Profit is desirable, healthy and necessary. 

But profit isn’t an end in itself……

Truly successful companies make a profit in order to enable them to do something more, or better.

Although they are profitable businesses, profit alone is not their sole reason for existing – and what that “something” is becomes the real justification for their existence.

Such companies may be addressing a social or environmental problem (these are the obvious contenders for purpose beyond profit) but there are many other organisations in every kind of industry who do business in a way that brings “shared value” to all stakeholders – not just to shareholders.

This means they look after their staff, their customers, their suppliers, their community and the environment.  And they usually pay a great detail of attention to their governance structures and the way in which the business is run.

Profit and purpose create a virtuous circle

At a time when trust in business is at a record low (according to the Edelman Trust Barometer 2017), there are a growing number of businesses who are following a different path.  Purpose led (or purpose driven) companies clearly state why they exist and what they stand for and they use that purpose as the reason for both making money and doing good.   In this way they create a virtuous circle -  the more good you do, the more profit you make, the more you are able to fulfil your purpose, which in turn leads to greater profit.


Purpose beyond Profit Statistics

Companies are finding that “doing good” reaps rewards – a business that genuinely lives out a purpose serving a wider group of stakeholders is likely to:

  • Attract investment

  • Attract and retain great people

  • Stimulate creativity and innovation

  • Enjoy a positive reputation and high levels of confidence from key stakeholders

  • Foster customer and brand loyalty

  • Help build a stable society that sustains good business

  • Deliver long term sustainable performance